Search Relevance - Backlog & Triage: 2023-08-16

Notes: All notes as we take them can be found here: gist:f4d0c72d5f83e10bf27e0c03b0ab3c9e · GitHub. Copied and pasted here for findability.


  1. Triage: Search Applications Vertical · GitHub
  2. Louis’s RFC [RFC] [Search Pipeline] Script request processor support non-primitive types · Issue #9200 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub
  3. Austin’s SearchResponse Ext PR: Add SearchExtBuilders to SearchResponse by austintlee · Pull Request #9379 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub

Attendees: Tim Allison, Andriy Redko, Michael Froh, Louis Chu, Mingshi Liu, Sean Li

Next week, let’s go through all New issues on Search Applications Vertical · GitHub and see how we want to prioritize.

  • For each one, what would be a next step?
  • How important is the issue?
  • If you see a new issue (or any issue) of interest to you please comment or +1 the issue.