Error when installing securityDashboard Plugin for Opensearch Dashboard 1.3.0


We are trying to build a custom version of Opensearch Dashboard and creating the custom image using yarn following the steps:

Document Reffered:-

Used commands:
-“yarn osd bootstrap” --#to compile
-“yarn start” --#to run the code
-“yarn build --docker” --#to build the docker image.

The Docker image build out of the above steps doesn’t have any plugins loaded by default(securityDashboards for our requirement).

Below commands has been used to install the securityPlugin manually but still fails:

  • RUN /usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/bin/opensearch-dashboards-plugin install securityDashboards

We get the logs as follows:
Attempting to transfer from securityDashboards:
│ Attempting to transfer from
│ Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error “No valid url specified.”

Could anyone please check this issue or redirect us to a similar discussion which resolves this? we have this requirement on an urgent basis and we would really appreciate any help coming our way.!! Thanks a lot in advance.