Dual control in Opensearch, Opensearch dashboards

I am using Opensearch, Opensearch dashboards RPM 2.2.1 version. There is a security requirement for supporting dual control.
Explanation - Separation of duties may be also achieved by dual control, in which carrying out a single task requires approval of two authorized persons.
Here as far as I know separation of duties can be achieved via Roles. Additionally is there any plan to support dual control in Opensearch where a critical task requires approval of two authorized persons?

@chaitra - good question. I don’t know if this is a planned enhancement or not but would recommend opening a feature request issue on it over on the GitHub repo GitHub - opensearch-project/security: 🔐 Secure your cluster with TLS, numerous authentication backends, data masking, audit logging as well as role-based access control on indices, documents, and fields

Opened a feature request for the same [FEATURE] Dual control in Opensearch and Opensearch Dashboards · Issue #2642 · opensearch-project/security · GitHub

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