Do not see alert staff from GUI after adding them through API

I am trying to migrate alert staff from one cluster to another (both are one node clusters). Opendistro 1.11.0. I extracted everything from source cluster using API (created small python script) Now I am testing way to import them into new cluster. I ran test curl comand with admin username/password and some test data for email accounts (it called in kibana GUI) POST command return success with new created email account id. I did search for email accounts and got record about one I just created. Now in GUI I don’t see any . I even creted destination with correct id from email account and email group but still can not see anything in GUI. My thoughts that everything was created using admin account and may be somewhere in admin private tenant? Is there way to add alert staff to particular tenant? Also I don’t see any index with “alert” in name - where all alert config parameters are stored? I don’t see it in new cluster where I added alert destinations, email groups and emal accounts through API and I don’t see that indexes in cluster where I did create staff using GUI (alerts are working fine there)

Are you using wildcards to lookup your indices?
GET _cat/indices?expand_wildcards=open,hidden&

You were right, didn’t know indices were hidden. One problem is gone -) What about alert staff - destinations, email groups, etc? How can I add them to global tenant (or any other tenants by choice) to be visible for user? I am logged in as user with “admin” role assigned (access to * indices) but do not see any destinations I added using API…