Dashboard visualization

Hello, I would like to ask about Dashboard and visualization part, and im currently having a problem of data fliter and not returning on Dashboard. If I searched on Visualization (where we create the graph place), The data is shown correctly.

Below pic is Fliter Search inside Visualization creating place.

I cant post 2 pics in same posts, i post the other result in comment section. sorry for incovinent.

But, in Dashboard, it doesnr working well.

pls guide me. ><

hello update from my research

I found that in query of Dashboard,
I found that this is using multi_match query so, thats why i cannot data as i wanted.
“multi_match”: {
“type”: “best_fields”,
“query”: “V000000035”,
“lenient”: true

While, in visualize search, I didnt find it.

for now, i am trying to look for away to remove that multi_query.