Dashboard is overwriting Visualization Filter

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Latest OpenSearch Service available at the moment in AWS

Describe the issue:
Some filters that I apply on the Dashboards are owerwriting the filters within a visualization.


I have a Dashboard “v1” that contains the visualization table “Table1”
In the index existst the field environment which can be PROD or INT.
In the Visualization “Table1”, I have set up a filter for “environment Equal to PROD”

If in the Dashboard I applied the filter “environment NOT EQUAL to PROD” → then it overwrites the filter of the visualization and it will show the information of INT.

The INT data should never be shown within the visualization independently from which filters you apply on the dashboard

Expected Result:
That both Filters are active at the same time, therefore, no data is being shown.

Is this correct? Or there is any configuration were I can set this as a parameter?

Thank you in advance.