CSV report has too many columns

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

v 2.11.0 & v 2.11.1

Describe the issue:

I have some dashboards, that have tables with search results. When clicking “Edit search” option from the visualization we are moved to the “Discovery” mode. After applying some filters I’d want to generate a CSV report. The report is generated, but instead of generating a CSV report with only the columns that I have picked I receive a report with all the columns my index has.

I would want to download the report with the only columns that I need. We have a workaround, that is working, which is after switching to the “Discovery” mode I just move one of the columns to the left/right, and something has to refresh in the background, because when I generate the CSV report after this workaround, it only has the columns that I want.