Crowdsourcing localization

As an administrator of OpenSearch Dashboards, I would like to provide my users the ability to view the interfaces in a language and with formatting that they are most familiar with. One way of doing this would be for the community to contribute PRs with their translations but this adds undesired friction to the process, in the form of contributors having to know how to use Git, maintainers dealing with approvals and merge conflicts, and … . Any friction would reduce community involvement and slow down the enhancements.

Perhaps one way to make the process of contributing as simple as possible is to integrate with a crowdsourcing provider or software that automates the workflow of adding translations. This would enable contributors to spend nearly nothing on anything other than sharing their knowledge of a language. It will also allow the maintainers to assess the completeness of the localization for each language and prioritize releases.

Have you used such a platform or software? I would love to hear your thoughts, whether you were a contributor to translations or part of the development team tasked with integrating with one. Even if you have not used one, what features do you think would excite you to contribute?

Still hoping we hear from someone in the community on this