Cordinate map not showing MAP

Hello Team

I am trying to create visulization in OSS kibana for coordinate geopoint field feild is coordinating properly but I am not getting map please suggest proper solution.

Anyone can help ???

Hi Dharmin, can I know which Kibana version you used to caused this issue?

The known is that before OpenSearch 1.2, the maps request from India and China would be blocked to abidance the local law. Since 1.2, it provided a new maps endpoint that can be used for community without location restriction.

If it’s the above reason caused, you could custom the map endpoint by WMS service to the new map tiles endpoint:

  1. Open ‘Options’ tab
  2. Enable WMS map server
  3. Input WMS url:{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  4. Input WMS layers: road_map
  5. Click ‘Update’ button

Settings like: