Unable to map geo_point

Hi team,

Can someone please help me on geo_point? I am using OSS version 7.2.1 and my data is properly being parsed and can see geo information however when I am plotting the geo map on Kibana this is giving me an error

The index pattern data-ip-* does not contain any of the following compatible field types: geo_point
geoip.as_org Telecom Italia
**#**  geoip.asn 3,269
**t**  geoip.continent_code EU
**t**  geoip.country_code2 IT
**t**  geoip.country_code3 IT
**t**  geoip.country_name Italy
**t**  geoip.ip
**#**  geoip.latitude 43.148
**#**  geoip.location.lat 43.148
**#**  geoip.location.lon 12.11
**#**  geoip.longitude 12.11
**t**  geoip.timezone Europe/Rome

Can someone please help?

I don´t know if you alredy solve your problem, but the template used to create the index doesn´t have de geo_point properties, like this:

"properties" : {
  "@timestamp": { "type": "date"},
  "@version": { "type": "keyword"},
  "geoip"  : {
    "dynamic": true,
    "properties" : {
      "ip": { "type": "ip" },
      "location" : { "type" : "geo_point" },
      "latitude" : { "type" : "half_float" },
      "longitude" : { "type" : "half_float" }

So, you have two options use a template index that have like logstash-* or filebeat-* or create a custom one with this properties, and you can do it copy one of the above and change the index name for what you want.

here you can have more detailed information: GeoIP in the Elastic Stack - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Ingest API | Elastic Blog

After that, you should re-index or delete and create new index to avoid conflits, and than you will see the geo_point.