Coordinating nodes with Helm Chart version 1.11.1

I’m not able, using Helm Chart 1.11.1, to force a node to be of coordinating type.

In the past, with Chart 1.0.4, I put:

  master: "false"
  ingest: "false"
  data: "false"
  remote_cluster_client: "false"

and it worked.

Now, using Helm 1.11.1 I put:

roles: []

And my nodes get all the roles (master, data, and so on…)

Does anyone have an idea?

Facing the same problem. Waiting for support too … :wink:

@hrbu , after some fight with the helm I decided to use:

  - remote_cluster_client

Despite I do not have a remote cluster, the nodes behaved as expected: not being master nor data.

oh, that’s interesting. thanks a lot!