Cannot see index when creating Kibana patterns while using Kerberos.. but works for internal users!


I am trying to create a Kibana index pattern for indexA. Kerberos is used for authentication with user1 as an active directory user. The user was given crud permission over indexA. User1 was also added to kibanausers role. Now I go to “Stack Management”->“Index Patterns”->“Create index pattern” and get “Couldn’t find any Elasticsearch data” message.

However, when I create user1 as an internal user and set Kibana authentication to use basic authentication instead of Kerberos then it works!

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Appreciate your help.


Also noticed that it works fine for LDAP. It only fails for Kerberos. When I go to the “Discover” , I get authentication error! Note that the console works with Kerberos.