Can follower index become independent index after I call _stop API?


We’re preparing out solution for DR(Disaster Recovery). Initial plan is as follows:

  1. There would be two opensearch clusters - cluster 1 in data center 1(DC1), cluster 2 in data center 2 (DC2).
  2. DC1 would be active and DC2 would be passive
  3. Indices from DC1 are replicated to DC2
  4. In case of DC1 failure - all apps would start referring to DC2.

What I wanted to know was - when I stop replication from DC1 to DC2 for a certain index, can I use the DC2 index in read_write mode?

E.g. When DC2 becomes active - I would call _stop API on an index from DC2. (There’s no DC1 cluster present to follow now, and DC2 is supposed to become my active cluster)

Can my apps start writing to DC2 index and treat it as just a regular index?


You may want to read my post and my un-answered question :grin:

Yes, once replication is stopped, follower index can be used in read-write mode. You can treat it as a regular index.