Indices deleted in leader cluster are not deleted in follower cluster

OpenSearch version : 2.9.0

With CCR enabled and replication rule created, the indices are getting replicated from leader to follower cluster successfully.

But when a index is deleted in leader cluster, the same replicated index is not been deleted in follower cluster. Is this expected by design ? Or are we missing some configuration. Please suggest.

We are using CCR so that the data is replicated between leader and follower and also as a backup. In unforeseen event of disaster on the leader cluster, then the follower could be used. But if the leader and follower indices are not same then the follower will have some old indices which are obsolete and unnecessarily occupy disk space.

It is expected behaviour, When indices are deleted at leader side, replication of these indices at follower side goes into autopuase but will not get deleted. you have to manually delete those indices on follower side

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