AWS Opensearch Service (1.1) with email alerting (AWS SNS)

Hi everyone, I was trying to make an alerting system that every time a specific value is stored in one OpenSearch index, that triggers an email alarm configured with AWS Simple Notification Service. The problem is that, when I go to create the destination, in the “Alerting” configuration section, it’s supposed to show me the option to integrate it with SNS but it doesn’t, it only shows me 3 options: Slack, custom webhook, and Amazon Chime (as mentioned in their doc: “Compared to OpenSearch, alerting in Amazon OpenSearch Service has some notable differences… OpenSearch Service supports Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) for notifications.”)

Does anyone know what should I do to integrate SNS with the AWS OpenSearch Service? Because also, supposing that it is not possible for any reason, if I wanted to do the same thing, using a Lambda function, it’s nonsense because as OpenSearch is a service hosted in AWS, why should I go to the Internet, to consume an API (also hosted in AWS) with all that implies (time, security, etc.), just to send an alert mail message?

Thanks for your time.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m currently trying to integrate with SNS and hitting a wall.

The docs make it sound like SNS should be an option under “Type”, but I don’t have it as one.

Hey @Arian and @josh.kent,

This was a known issue on AWS OpenSearch Service managed service 1.1 domains and was subsequently patched which should have been applied to all affected domains. If you’re still seeing the issue and you believe the patch is applied, I’d suggest cutting a support ticket to them so they can check your managed service domain for you.

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