Any plans to backport UltraWarm for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Do you have any plans to backport UltraWarm for Amazon Elasticsearch Service ?

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the question! UltraWarm is a feature of Amazon Elasticsearch Service. This forum covers Open Distro for Elasticsearch. You can ask questions about the service on the AWS forums here: Find Answers to AWS Questions about Amazon OpenSearch Service | AWS re:Post.

If you were asking whether UW will be ported to Open Distro, it will not. UltraWarm is an Amazon Elasticsearch Service feature, designed and built for the service. Open Distro is open source software designed to run self-managed.


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Thanks for your answer!
I already use UltraWarm for Amazon Elasticsearch Servive.
And I wish to query indicies of Elasticsearch on Amazon S3 for SIEM.
(example: Elastic SIEM of Elasticsearch 7.x)

I think to use QuickSight and Athena with S3 for SIEM, too.

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We are discussing with the AWS team making this part of OpenSearch (Open source). For those users who are locked into the Elastic license stay tuned for updates!


Thanks for your discussing!
How about any plans about Cold storage?