Alternatives to FluentBit

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Describe the issue:
We are using the last supported version of Filebeat on most EC2 instances and Kubenetes clusters but want switch to a supported agent.
We already use FluentBit on some EC2 instances/ECS tasks and found vector from Datadog as a possible candidate.
Are there any other agents that we should consider?

Thanks in advance



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It depends on your use cases, what are you doing for metrics and tracing? Fluent Bit is the best option since it’s part of the CNCF and will not have license issues. Vector is owned by Datadog which means the license can change at any time.

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Hi jkowall,
thanks for the answer.
We use Prometheus|Thanos|Grafana for metrics and Datadog for tracing.
The licensing is an interesting fact to consider.



Older versions of Filebeat might work with OpenSearch, too. Some syslog daemons should also work, as they can send to Elasticsearch and they don’t care if it’s “proper Elasticsearch”. Have a look at this article for some more details: 5 Awesome Logstash Alternatives: Pros & Cons [2023] - Sematext

Thanks @radu.gheorghe for the answer.

We have evaluated Fluent Bit and Vector and decided to go with Fluent Bit.