Which filebeat can be use with Opensearch

Hello Team,

Can anybody suggest me which filebeat docker image can be used with Opensearch and openshearch-dashboard?

As I would like to use Apache 2.0 (Open source) license only.

Kindly suggest which one best works with Opensearch as a log shipper? as I have already running docker container for opensearch, opensearch-dashboard and logstash.

I wanted to send the application logs to the logstash and will be displayed on the dashboard.

Kindly suggest.


Hey @sabil - I moved your topic to the correct category.

As far as a filebeat docker image listing, you’ll want the one with the -oss suffix and get the correct version according to this matrix.

FWIW, you might want to consider fluentbit over Beats. I think (generally) that there is more of a future with FluentBit and it fills roughly the same niche.