Why otel-v1-apm-span-* index not rollover

hi, guys, these days i confront a strange issue that one otel-v1-spm-span index did not roll over regularly,
the other index rollover normally following the default rules {“min_index_age”: 24h}, the scree short as below:

i think there maybe some unknown rollover logic in data prepper, any kindly advice is really appreciated, thanks

Hi wwwlll2001,

Could you check if the index is still curated by the raw-span policy? There should be a tab in the opensearch dashboard regarding index state management.


Thanks you.
I have checked that this index was curated by the raw-span policy, but as my shards number is almost full which means the rollover action will fail as the insufficient rest shards number, so the rollover failed, I will see what I can do to fix this issue.

Thank you again