When saving as CSV from Discover, only some row of search results are saved

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch 1.1.0 / Dashboard 1.1.0 / Docker ( Amazon Linux release 2 )

Describe the issue:

I did the following query in Discover

timestamp >= 1682504039854 and tags: level=ERROR
(timestamp field is of number type)

On browser, the data for dates greater than 1682504039854 is displayed normally ( 2000 rows ).
However, when I save it as a csv using the Reporting function, only the data with timestamp = 1682504039854 is saved ( 3 rows ).

Is there any way to save all the query results printed on the screen as a csv?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hey @ignos
Just ran this through my lab using the filed level=error for last 30 minutes i recieved 81 hits, create a report then downloaded th CSV and showed 81 hits. Im unable to reproduce this issue. What does it show in the logs?

Thank you for your confirmation. In my case, 1293 results were retrieved as shown in the attached image, but after saving as a CSV, the data was not saved as you can see in the text editor in the image.

Here are the cases I tested

case 1. time: 1682469072590 (10 results)
10 results saved.

case 2. time >= 1682469072590 (results: 200)
0 results. No data saved.

case 3. time >= 1682469072590 AND … ( Result : 100)
10 cases saved. When adding AND conditions, only data with time = 1682469072590 is saved.

For reference, I tested with the same data after installing 2.6.0 and found it to be working fine. I looked at the release notes for each version and didn’t see anything about patches for this issue.

Hey @ignos

Thanks for the feed back, that is odd for sure. By chance did you post this issue on Github?