What is the best way to display and alert for downtime of endpoints monitored using elastic heartbeat

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Hello All, I hope, I am not in the wrong category. I am not a power user of elastic search nor opensearch. I do have some endpoints that we connect to and are a dependency for what we do. We would like to be able to monitor their health and alert when they are down. I have come across this elasticsearch heartbeat resource, and I am wondering whether there is an equivalent or something better I could find in the opensearch toolset/plugins.

Thanks in advance and apologies if I am in the wrong section of the forum.


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In the past I have used AuditBeat and had its data indexed by Opensearch, I believe there was one caveat with it where I had to setup an intermediary queueing system (redis) and then a version of logstash with the opensearch-output-plugin in order to properly avoid any elastic specific warnings/errors.

As for an OpenSearch “heartbeat” like product I do not believe there is one developed by the OpenSearch team.

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