What is stopping us switching to OpenSearch

We’d really like to switch over to OpenSearch - but sadly we currently can’t.

There are still a couple of Elastic’s tools we use that are incompatible. With OpenSearch fast approaching v2.0 it would be great to know if these things are going to be looked at. I believe the changes should be minor so shouldn’t be too much effort to fork and make compatible?

Logstash OpenSearch filter:
As part of our Logstash pipeline we query Elasticsearch. The logstash filter plugin (not to be confused with the logstash output plugin) is incompatible with OpenSearch.

Elastic Curator:
We are unable to use ISM to manage our indices due to the fact that it is unable to operate on groups of indicies. Elastic Curator does everything we need but is now incompatible with OpenSearch. I’m aware of this fork but it would be good to have this brought under the project.

Just wondering if we can ever expect these to be made compatible? As I mentioned before these sticking points mean we are stuck on Elasticsearch for now!

It is ready for me since I’m mainly used for saving log of K8s clusters and API gateway xD