What are the monitoring options for the OpenSearch Service?

I am currently a bit confused, because the following source says OpenSearch monitoring is based on Cloud Watch (Which Elasticsearch Provider is Right For You? | by Gigasearch Engineering | gigasearch | Medium), but lots of other sources write about OpenSearch Dashboards as fork of Kibana. So can I use CloudWatch and OpenSearch Dashboards for my OpenSearch Service? And I can also use the original Kibana version, before OpenSearch was forked?

Hey @heermaas

You may want to check this out.

Hey @Gsmitt,
thank you! But this article did not really help… Or do you want to say that Cloudwatch is more the general tool for all AWS applications and OpenSearch Dashboards is a more specific Monitoring Platform for OpenSearch that joined 2021?

Hey @heermaas

I was just trying to guide you to correct Documentation for Opensearch. If you just want to monitor you AWS instance they to have tools for that, for example here in one of mine. there no data yet since this instance is off line.

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