Webhook settings for Google Chat

Would it be possible to have some guidance on how to setup webhook for Google Chat ?
I’ve been playing around with the settings, trying to put the Gchat webhook URL (entierely first, then partially, and adding the additionnal parameters in the header settings), but without success so far.

Could you please tell me what I did wrong ?

Create a test message on a monitor and run it using this endpoint

POST _opendistro/_alerting/monitors/<monitor_id>/_execute

If there is an error on the webhook url or the body of the message, this will tell you what happen an error

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Hi Axel, thanks for your tip, indeed it helped me in my investigations.
For people needing it too, you have to put the webhook URL provided by Google directly (and entirely) in the Webhook URL, and in the trigger, in the message field, type { “text” : “your_message_here” }

Hope it helps.