Was "master" terminology deprecated for helm charts?

Hello. Im going through the Breaking Changes documents for Opensearch 2.0 , which specifies that some names will change to be more inclusive. However I see that my current Helm Chart configuration is still working from Opensearch 1.X to Opensearch 2.0.
Also in the repository, values file still has these old naming:

So. Im a bit confused here…

Hey this is a great question! The deprecation notice you see simply means that it will be changed (in a breaking way) in the next major release. This is part of the semantic versioning spec that we use. That way people know about breaking changes at least one minor release ahead of time.


Thanks for the response.
Then we should expect all these name convention to change in Opensearch 3.0 and not in following 2.X.X ?

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There’s likely no reason for it to change again. You can expect breaking changes in any major version increase, but whether they’re related to terminology or not is up to the community. For this particular nomenclature, I doubt it will change again.


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