Use join in filters for dashboards

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OpenSearch Playground,
OpenSearch Service in AWS,
Chrome last version

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We need to do joins and aggegations before visualize results in a dashboard. We cannot rely on batch processing and It seems that only DSL is available as a way to filter data.

Could we use SQL sentences (OpenSearch dialect), join-like capabilities in DSL o PPL?



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Hi @ijmarrero,

Have you had a chance to check this:


Hi @Mantas
Yes, but I cannot include things like

  "query": "SELECT * FROM my-index LIMIT 50"

in the “filter” section of my dashboards. See attached screenshot of plaground

Hi @ijmarrero,

I do not believe this use case is supported, however, please check Notebooks to see if that would cover your use case: Notebooks - OpenSearch documentation

There are more details on OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks here as well: Feature Deep Dive: OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks · OpenSearch