SQL in opensearch

Hi all,

I’m trying to incorporate SQL in opensearch for querying and sending data in opensearch.

I have installed SQL Plugin, but I can only run SQL queries in Query Workbench. I want to use SQL query in my Query bar filter to use it in my visualizations and dashboards, but the queries are not working.

Any way to make SQL queries work in Query bar filter?

Hi @sandy381 ,

Just to confirm by “Query bar filter”, do you mean the search bar in OpenSearch Dashboards Discover? If so we currently do not support it. DQL and the filters will be translated to DSL, which unfortunately won’t work on top of SQL queries.

But you might be interested in Event Analytics in the Observability plugin where you can use PPL to create observability visualizations and panels: About Observability - OpenSearch documentation

You can also try the SQL ODBC and JDBC drivers to create visualizations in other applications: ODBC Driver - OpenSearch documentation

Let us know if this addresses your question, thanks