Upgrading from original Elasticsearch to Open Distro

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Open Distro is such a big great relief against the original elasticsearch version, cause it has all the power which is needed to have the force to analyze data.

I want to upgrade my “original” version of elasticsearch to elasticsearch open distro. Is there anything what I have to consider or can I just “overwrite” (update) my old version with the RPM packages of open distro.

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Hi ,
I am also looking same. We want to use security and alerting plugin to our existing ELK stack

we are also working on this. I’m still working one POC, so far is good, no issues on the RPM package, but I’m spending time to understand the cert auth. and how to import the roles/mappings created in original elastic stack.

Hey @jockjiang
Thanks for your answer. I do not have any roles on my existing server, except mappings. So is there any special behavior where I must look for, or must I wait?

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for my understanding, you need update the configure file and rpm. by the way, I’m still learning.