Upgrade Opendistro 1.9.0 to Opendistro 1.12.0

Currently, I am using ELK 7.8.0 oss version and have installed standalone plugins of opendistro version 1.9.0 . Now I want to upgrade to Lastest of Open-Distro version 1.12.0. For the latest version, I installed elasticsearch and kibana from Open-Distro website i.e “opendistroforelasticsearch-kibana” and

I have taken snapshot of 7.8.0 oss version and restored on lastest ELK version. I was able to get all the data index. But I was not able to get users and tenants created on older version.

How can I migrate all users and tenant from 7.8.0 to lastest version ?

@dhruvil7doshi If I’m understanding correctly you moved to a new cluster and restored indices on the new 1.12.0 cluster. But the security index didn’t get transferred over, which is the intended behaviour for security reasons. In order to migrate the users, tenants etc from old to new ES, you will need to use securityadmin_demo.sh script, with option --retrieve added to the end of the file. This will save a copy of all your config at a location specified in the output, these files can then transferred to the new ES (1.12) and placed in the directory for security configuration. This then needs to be uploaded to the ES using the existing securityadmin_demo.sh script. Let me know how you get on, or if you have questions.

@dhruvil7doshi forgot to mention, that script is only available if you used the demo install script: install_demo_configuration.sh