Unable to download the older report (2 weeks back) Under Reporting option in Kibana

Hello All!

I created a dashboard in Kibana and thanks to this dashboard that we have a very nice overview of all the details we are looking for.
For the documentation of the quality i scheduled a PDF-Report.

But if i try to open an older report (2 weeks back), the report is empty.

I would expect that the PDF report is created on the scheduled time and not when i try to download the PDF.
Or is there a possible to save the PDF in an other “share folder” .

An alternative way is that you schedule a script that generates the reports, you store them somewhere and you will have some kind of history.

Reports are generated when you call them, so if your data changed (e.g index removed) then you will have empty data.

But you are right, hope OS can improve this feature !

Hope I helped.

Thanks very much! for your update.