Kibana Reporting - Getting Error while downloading reports

Hi Team,

Its great to see the Reporting Feature and its much awaited. I quickly started playing with it and found that I am unable to download the report. Once I clock on download the report it says “error generating the report”

Any clue?

Blason R

@blason i would definitely report that as a bug.

Hi, could you provide more details and error logs? Also, check our github issues see if there is a duplicate

Yep - bug is already filed.

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we are currently workin on it, you can expect a fix for the next ODFE release

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Issue is fixed and code is merged in dev branch, give it a try.
PR: Support customized server config by zhongnansu · Pull Request #313 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/kibana-reports · GitHub


@CyberGod Will these changes from the dev branch be in the upcoming ODFE 1.13 release?

Yes, this fix will be included in ODFE 1.13

What is release date of ODFE 1.13 ? any Idea ?

Target is mid-Feb, so soon.

Well - I found the tweak by the time fixed is released. Set to and it should allow you to download the report.

@blason ,

I am looking for a workaround for this issue. Do we have to change the value in Kibana.yml file ? Then what will be the Kibana URL?