Tutorial how to load Google Cloud logs to OpenSearch

I am looking for tutorial on how to import application logs from Google Cloud Run ( a container running rust application) into OpenSearch.

So far I have not been able to find an instruction or tutorial on how to do that.
Please help!

I’m not aware of any tutorials for your exact usecase. You could look into using Fluentbit to push your logs to Data Prepper and then to OpenSearch.

Here’s a guide on using Fluentbit with Data Prepper - data-prepper/log_analytics.md at main · opensearch-project/data-prepper · GitHub

I’m not too familiar with Cloud Run but I found this guide for setting up Fluentbit on Google Kubernetes - Customizing Fluent Bit for Google Kubernetes Engine logs  |  Google Cloud Platform Community.

I hope this helps!

Thank You travisbenedict!

Seems that setting up Fluentbit could achieve my goal.

Since my application is based on rust I am also considering opentelemetry-rust GitHub - open-telemetry/opentelemetry-rust: OpenTelemetry API and SDK for Rust as input to Data Prepper. That kind of combination could also do the trick but it is slightly different approach.