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Not sure where to ask this as it seems the engagement is low on forums like StackOverflow.
I am looking to make the move from ELK to OpenSearch. The purpose is solely for application log aggregation. I can not find a simple example of how to do this however…the example discussed here Log ingestion - OpenSearch documentation, does not work and it seems like that documentation is out of date based on what the docker-compose.yml it refers to looks like. In particular the repo does not show any ‘data-prepper’ in the docker-compose.yml. Additionally, while the example does build and start 3 containers- it does not seem to push any data to opensearch when you make modifications to the test.log file.

So, here i am…asking really just for something that actually works. anything out there? I have been warned that the documentation for this project is very lacking - but i feel like there should be one basic example that new users could follow to get working…just one.

HI @dss010101, it looks like the docker-compose file linked in the repository example is incorrect. You should be able to run a working demo configuration following the steps on the README.

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thank you, i will give it a try,
Question - is dataprepper a necessary step in the flow? or can fluentbit be configured to send data directly to OS?