Theming the Kibana User Interface

I love the product and the feature/functionality. Is there anyone that has experience in theming the Kibana interface. I would like to change the logo and potential color scheme. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hi, @wgreen !

Check my answer - Custom Side navigation image .
I hope it’ll be helpful for you

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Hi @wgreen, which version of kibana you want to costumize?

Maybe I could help you. I already changed the Kibana 7 Welcome Page, Loading Page and Logo on top of navbar.

:mage: hope I can help you.

@koyassan , I would also like to customize kibana, can you help?

Did you have to built your custom version of kibana or did you do something like this: Customizing Kibana Web Application | by Carlos Giraldo Rodriguez | Gradiant Talks | Medium?

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Hi @paddyfink,

Yup, what kind of costumizations do you wanna do? I do something similar like this article, but in the future I want to develop a Plugin to costumize kibana interface.

I would like to do kind of the same changes as in the article. I would like to change the logo, title, color…the whole branding.

How can I reach out to you?

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We are using 4 separate Open Distro instances and it would be nice to be able to recognize them in the browser. I think that in kibana.yaml we should have a variable to define the default web title.