Terraform resource for aws opensearch

Hello Team,

We decided to go with opensearch for a new enterprice as a aws service, as we see a vibrant community and a promising roadmap.

About me,
I am new to opensearch on cloud but used ELK cluster in previous projects for on-premise monitoring and analytics for apps across organization.

Now to question,

I tried terraform module for elasticsearch domain (link)[Terraform Registry], I see option to set only ’ elasticsearch_version’, is there a way to choose opensearch?

Have you looked at this community module?

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I will look into it and try on my local account.

But in our organization cloud engineering already onboarded, the other module ‘aws_elasticsearch_domain’, thorught that can be customized to provide opensearch version as input.

  • Siva

Hi, Thanks for the response.

Between managed to get it working with the help of our cloud team, in version field of terraform have to provide ‘Opensearch_1.1’ to make AWS spin up a opensearch flavour instead of elasticsearch.