Take Forge’s segmentation survey to help formulate OpenSearch user personas

Personas help us understand how to create better solutions for users. There are different methods of better understanding the people who use OpenSearch, but one of the most reliable ways is through a cluster analysis. A cluster analysis is a statistical technique that finds patterns in data and divides them into clusters (i.e., groups) that are similar to each other. There are different ways to group data, but some of our main focus areas are how OpenSearch is used in day-to-day work, user goals, and the types of data users are working with. This survey asks questions about those focus areas along with some skill questions and questions about user attitudes toward the open-source space. With this information, we can learn about the clusters of people using OpenSearch and the skills, needs, and attitudes of each of the clusters. This will ultimately give the product team a richer understanding of the types of people using OpenSearch and will help guide the OpenSearch roadmap.

OpenSearch is working in partnership with Forge Studio, LLC (https://www.forge.is/) to help us understand our user personas. Forge is a strategy and UX/UI design studio founded by former in-house designers at companies like AWS, Facebook, Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.

This is a call for users to participate in this survey: https://bit.ly/3LSf8xD.

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Hope everyone provides feedback for this!