Table visualisation OrderBy not working properly

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OpenSearch Dashboards v2.8.0 & v1.2.0, Chrome

Describe the issue:
In a Table visualisation, have 2 rows splits of identical fields value, one called team_name and the other team_logo, then I have 2 metrics, one summing their Points and the other one summing their PD (score differential).
I did set the sorting of the first split (team_logo) to have descending sum Points, in order to have the team with the most points at the top.
Then I did set the second split to have descending sum PD, in order to the team with the most differential at the top.
No matter what I do, the second sorting is omitted and seems to be done alphabetically but not based on the provided setting.

I tested it as well in the v2.8.0 with the opendistro_security_anonymous_backendrole and the provided e-commerce data set, and reproduced the same issue.

Relevant Logs or Screenshots: