Support for High Level Rest Client

Elastic has indicated that they plan to open source the high level rest client (HLRC) at some point in the future, and indicated that they will ‘not harass’ (my loose interpretation) people for using the non-apache version in the interim.

In light of this, what is the status of current support in OpenSearch for HLRC ?


The best way to think about compatibility is this:

  • There is compatibility between OSS ES 7.10.2 and OpenSearch 1.0
  • OpenSearch is making no breaking changes in the 1.x line of releases
  • After OpenSearch 2.0 there may be breaking changes and it’s best to start thinking about OpenSearch and ES as just sharing a common ancestor.
  • Some software that connects to ES does license check to determine it’s not OSS ES. That won’t work due to the first point.

Thanks for the response. Question on point #3.

I understand that things will most likely break with OpenSearch 2.0 and 7.10.2 code, and that the HLRC will differ as the Elastic and OpenSearch features will differ.

Do you anticipate that HLRC for OpenSearch will be updated to support new Java features? Any chance it will support Kotlin or other code bases to provide a uniform API?

, and that the HLRC . Do you expect that OpenSearch 2.0 will

I’ve not seen nor heard anything about Java features or support for other JVM languages. Doesn’t mean that it won’t happen but I don’t think any plans have been made - it might be worth putting together a feature request/proposal in the OpenSearch repo.

as also posted in the other thread i’ve raised a ticket to publish the OpenSearch RestHighLevelClient :

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