Source for downloading Adoptopenjdk mentioned in the opendistro elasticsearch

Hello all

We are migrating to opendistro elasticsearch from the version. While we’re being audited for the usage of the opendistro version, we have seen that the opendistro uses Adoptopenjdk, I have tried looking inside the repo and the docker files but couldn’t find from where the adoptopenjdk is being downloaded and used in elasticsearch.

If the maintainers/contributors can answer this, it’ll greatly help in expediting the audit process for our team.

It’s in /jdk/. HTH.

We do recommend that all users upgrade to OpenSearch rather than Open Distro: OpenSearch is actively maintained and updated. See here for help upgrading to OpenSearch.

Viewing the contents of either opensearch/opendistro gives the following, now I need to just know from where this jdk i.e adopt open jdk is sourced from. Is there any Github repo/ URL for the adopt AdoptOpenJDK ?

$ cat release
MODULES="java.base java.compiler java.datatransfer java.xml java.prefs java.desktop java.instrument java.logging java.naming java.rmi java.scripting java.transaction.xa java.sql java.sql.rowset java.xml.crypto java.smartcardio jdk.accessibility jdk.unsupported jdk.internal.vm.compiler jdk.aot jdk.internal.jvmstat jdk.attach jdk.charsets jdk.compiler jdk.crypto.cryptoki jdk.dynalink jdk.internal.ed jdk.editpad jdk.hotspot.agent jdk.httpserver jdk.incubator.foreign jdk.internal.opt jdk.jdeps jdk.jlink jdk.incubator.jpackage jdk.internal.le jdk.jartool jdk.javadoc jdk.jcmd jdk.jconsole jdk.jdwp.agent jdk.jdi jdk.jfr jdk.jshell jdk.jsobject jdk.jstatd jdk.localedata jdk.naming.dns jdk.naming.rmi jdk.nio.mapmode jdk.sctp jdk.unsupported.desktop jdk.xml.dom jdk.zipfs"
BUILD_INFO="OS: Linux Version: 4.15.0-1098-azure"

The AdoptOpenJDK distributions are downloaded from (using API [1] but is it not important). However since AdoptOpenJDK has been superseded by Adoptium [2], all recent releases use Eclipse Temurin distributions [3]. Hope it helps/

[3] Eclipse Temurin™ |

Thanks reta, I would need one more clarity here.

Since the AdoptOpenJDK project has been moved from the AdoptOpenJDK community to the Eclipse Foundation as Adoptium. There are certain T&Cs surrounding this move owing to which the Eclipse Adoptium project can produce and distribute only the “OpenJDK with HotSpot”and TCK certified binaries.

Is the above one “OpenJDK with hotspot or OpenJDK with OpenJ9 (Certified edition or Open source edition)”?

Also, ODFE 1.13.3 has adoptopenjdk or the eclipse one ?