Snapshot restore compatibility metrics

I m upgrading to Opensearch 2.x and want to restore indices created in Opensearch 1.x into Opensearch 2.x. Is there any compatibility metrics which shows is this operation permitted? I see in elasticsearch.
Can you please guide me on this

I’m not aware of such a page, but I think a rule of thumb will be that you can import from one major version behind. At least as long as OpenSearch sticks to the same rule as Elasticsearch or Solr had so far: change the version along with the Lucene major version.

We can see an exception to this rule for Elasticsearch with 6.8, which came up after 7.1 to backport some features. In this case 6.8 indices couldn’t be loaded by 7.1, but then again if you had 6.8 you’d probably would have upgraded to a higher version of 7.x anyway (because higher versions were already available).