Simple_query_string or query_string with fuzziness in some fields


is it possible to use simple_query_string with fuzziness only on special fields?
As I know the query should be “ifhone~1” => to match iPhone.
But no user will type “~1” in a simple search filed. So I want to set fuzziness to auto…
But this only can be done in query_search? But then for all fields?

for example:
I need to set fuzzy only to the “title-field” and not to the manufacturer.
Is there a possibility to do this?

At the moment my query for the search is a ugly and very long query with should/must/…


Yeah, I don’t see a way around using a bool query. Because you’ll need do allow/disallow fuzziness based on the fields you need to target, so each “policy” will need its own simple_query_string query.

You could do that with query_string indeed, something like:

title:ifhone~1 OR manufacturer:apple
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