Fuzzy Search with apostrophe not working as expected

I have gotten fuzzy search working on an application, and it generally works well. I have noticed, though, that certain queries seem to not work.

If I search for: tom obrady
I do not get the specific result I’m looking for: tom o’brady
I do get other “tom” names, though, like tom johnson.

If I search for tom o’brady (exact match)
I will then get tom o’brady in the list of results, which is what I want.

Is there something I can do to help fuzzy search work with the apostrophe?

Currently, my query looks like this:

      query: {
        match: {
          name: {
            query: "tom obrady",
            fuzziness: '0',
            fuzzy_transpositions: true,
            operator: 'or',
            minimum_should_match: 1,
            analyzer: 'standard',
            zero_terms_query: 'none',
            lenient: false,
            prefix_length: 0,
            max_expansions: 50,
            boost: 1