Session Issues w/Security Plug-in

Users are not able to log back in to Kibana after their session expires. They are receiving the error pasted below. I see no corresponding logged events in the kibana or elasticsearch logs, or the security_auditlog index.

An error occurred while checking your credentials, make sure you have an Elasticsearch cluster secured by Security running.

Another issue users are experiencing is that once their session expires, they are not re-directed to the login page. Instead, Kibana appears to be non-functional or they receive permission errors.

I have the following OD session settings applied to kibana.yml.

opendistro_security.cookie.ttl: 86400000
opendistro_security.session.ttl: 86400000
opendistro_security.session.keepalive: true


Forgot to mention that we are using OD version 0.10.

@g-man Did you get this resolved, if not have you tried with later versions?

@Anthony yes, this was resolved in later versions.