Save Data Table column width

Hey everyone!

I just noticed, that it is not possible to save the width of a column using the Data Table visualization. I am on Dashboards v2.5.0 and v.2.6.0 currently and neither version seems to support it. Is there a plan to add this feature?
My use case would be that I have a table with a very wide Time-Range column and a lot of single-digit values to the right. Right now every column gets the same width, but I would rather have the time range be a little wider and the rest a little slimmer.


Just to log what I did in my case:

We installed the “Enhanced Table” [1] plugin on our dashboards server on OSD 2.6.0 and it worked without any problems. We converted our Data Tables to Enhanced ones and the automatically displayed with of the colums fits our needs so we have no need to save the width any more.

[1] GitHub - fbaligand/kibana-enhanced-table: Kibana visualization like a Data Table, but with enhanced features like computed columns, filter bar, and “Split Cols” bucket