Role for a dev tool only access

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): AWS Opensearch v1.3

Describe the issue: im trying to create 2 roles with the below access:

  1. Only Dev Tool is available in dashboard - with read/view/get permission only.
  2. Only dev tool is available in dashboard - with CRUD operations available.

What specific permission do i need to add to the custom role i will be creating, specially the dev tool only related permission.

Hi @blackkite

There is no option to hide sections in the menu. Also, the Dev Tool can’t be limited to just read/view/get. The Dev Tool is used to access settings and indices with APIs.

You can control index access which will limit the permission to specific API calls (i.e. GET) on an individual index or group of indices.

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thanks @Eugene7 , im trying out different combinations in roles, one thing i found is to limit the permission on the index level to read/get hence dev tools will be limited for the same.