RESOLVED: Members in same AD group can't login

Hello Community,

We’ve begun playing with Open Distro security and have run into an interesting issue. We have configured AD authc/z and for the most part can logon without any issues. However, there are certain users that are in the same mapped AD role as I am that are unable to login. When those users try to login, they get this message:

There are two differences (not sure if they matter) with these users:

  1. They have almost double the number of AD groups on their account
  2. When searching for their userid in the domain they have other special accounts that show up (the ID is a tad different, eg user123-special)

We have not been able to figure out what is causing this logon issue so reaching out to see if anyone has seen this problem.

Much appreciated!

Thank you,

The issue was with nginx. The http headers for users that had the issue were too long so we increased the proxy buffer size on nginx which resolved the issue. :slight_smile: