Request For Docker Images as a Tar format

Hi Team,

Is there any possibilities to download OpenSearch docker image as a tar file format. So I can load the image in to my private machine.
Actually I cant login to Docker hub to pull the image. Pls Advice.

Can you do a docker save? docker save | Docker Documentation

Hi Team, I dont have out side access to pull the image and deploy in environment.

Is there any ways to build the OpenSearch image from source code using base Alpine and busy box images??

@Naga10 So you have no access to Docker even from another machine?

Actually we have docker base image. But I can’t use their image from docker hub. Is there any ways to use source code and build from my own? Please advice.

The repo has all the bits that the team uses to build the entire release. That kind of defeats the purpose of using docker, but you’re welcome to look.