Open Dockerfile

Do you have any intentions of opening sourcing your Dockerfile? Currently, the only way to look at the build steps is running docker history amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch-kibana:0.7.0 --no-trunc.

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Hi @tenerent,

That’s great feedback. I’ve gone ahead and opened an issue in our community project to track. Please feel free to give it a :+1: and add any additional details. Here is the link: Provide build instructions and Open Source Dockerfiles for builds · Issue #11 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/sample-code · GitHub


Great. I just saw the repos are currently in following two organizations:

This may lead to confusion where to put issues in.

Thanks for the feedback. If there are issues with a specific project, we suggest creating an issue in the corresponding Github repo. For example an issue with the Alerting plugin would go here.

The Open Distro · GitHub link hosts the project’s documentation and website repos while the plugins and other project source code are available in Open Distro · GitHub. If there is a new plugin/feature that doesn’t fit well into any of the projects we suggest opening an issue in our community Github repo. We will work on continuing to drive clarity.