Reports do not work

Generating reports from dashboard generate an error and the reports page does it too.

I can’t generate reports for any kind of custom dashboard, but reports from the Wazuh App work.

Anyone has any tips?

Opendistro v1.13.1


@reporting-team Any ideas?

Could you share any error log from kibana server side? Or share the error response in your browser dev tool.

Also, what does it mean by “reports from Wazuh” work? Is that an app that has an reporting feature?

Apparently if fixed itself and now it generates reports, the only problem is that the popup regarding tenancy appears in the report obfuscating the rest of the informations.

Hi, this issues is supposed to be fixed in 1.13. See this PR turn off tenant selection panel by adding to local storage by zhongnansu · Pull Request #317 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/kibana-reports · GitHub

  1. Can you confirm you are using at least v1.13.0?
  2. Does this issue happen all the time, or only under certain circumstance?

The issue appears all the time i try to generate a report and im using the latest versione available.

This issue was fixed in 1.13 add global tenant for report definition urls by zhongnansu · Pull Request #324 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/kibana-reports · GitHub

Yes, i can confirm that it works in the updated version.


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