Reporting Module

Any chance you are working on a reporting module for the Open Distro. The product Skedler is getting more and more expensive every year, and it would be great if there was a reporting option with automated emails sent out to stakeholders.

I would like to see that feature too.
Is there any way i can export dashboards to pdf?

Hi @kustid and @nmsilva, we don’t currently support this functionality today. This is something we want to build. We have opened an issue to track this item. Feel free to :+1: it and add comments/feedback.

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Noting another option here: “Sentinl” appears to be open source and Apache-licensed.

I’ll give it a try.

Most of the third party solutions don’t suit me :frowning: as i need to be able to modify in real time the dashboard (using controls to set filters) and be able to Download a PDF of the dashboard with only a click.

Anyone can help me here? is there way to do this with an existing third party solution?

Still nothing new? Is there any way we can export the data in a pdf or csv ?

I just had a look at the public roadmap and it seems to say there is some reporting functionality coming in the next release.

Does anyone know any more information about what that will look like, been a feature I’ve been waiting for!

Hi @jamesdevonport,

The feature will be released in phases and the first set of features will be released end of August/early Sept. Please provide your feedback on the reporting RFC with an specific asks and features you may find missing.


We are having a community meeting on June 30, 2020 to talk about the upcoming reporting feature @kustid @nmsilva @victor @jamesdevonport

Excited to hear more about this feature, was there any updates as a result of the community meeting? Thanks, James.

Please check out the RFC for Kibana Reports for further details. We had some interesting questions and feedback from the members who attended the community meeting. We have incorporated some of the key suggestions in the RFC.

Please check out Reporting - Open Distro Documentation for the recently launched reporting feature.